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Monday, May 26, 2008

"A property tax base that moves with you"

My latest feature article for the real estate section of the Los Angeles Times on Propositions 60, 90 and 110 was published yesterday. Somewhat to my surprise for such a California-specific story, it's also been reprinted (at least on the websites) for other Tribune Co. papers including the Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, Newsday and The Morning Call.

I want to thank those who made this story possible. Firstly, it would have not been possible without an email pitch to me from Realtors Barry and Serene Sulpor, who also put me in contact with John and Rose Osten, the couple featured in the piece. John was a great interview subject and gave me lots of financial details from which to work and tell his story of how these tax-saving measures worked for him.

Thanks again to others to whom I spoke for the article, including agents Lana Fears and Carey Ann Parker, Riverside County Assessor Larry Ward and Board of Equalization member Michelle Steel. Without their participation, there would have been no story to tell.

It's very hard to get people to talk on the record for newspaper articles, so if/when a reporter ever calls you for insight or a quote, please participate!

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