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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Special offer from Dwell magazine for Housing Chronicles readers

I got an email from a PR agent for the upcoming "Dwell on Design" conference in Los Angeles from June 5-8, inviting me and readers of this blog to accept free exhibition passes and discounts for the conference and parties. Here's the email:

My name is Paul Vaughn, and I'm helping Dwell Magazine to promote their third annual Dwell on Design Event. (>

I would like to offer you and your readers free Exhibition tickets and $50 off coupons for the Conference, as well as a free 1 month digital issue to Dwell Magazine.

The Dwell on Design Event runs June 5-8 at the LA Convention Center, and includes an Exhibition of 200 exhibitors, a Speakers Conference of 50 speakers, and full size Sustainable Pre-Fab Neighborhood built on site, as well as 16 Home Tours of private green residences and evening parties at the Dwell Ford Brady ( and the Museum of Contemporary Art (

Codes and Links:

We're also having a landscape design competition, as well as a live design rendering competition, at MoCA on Fri June 6th. The details will be on in a couple of days.

Additionally, we can provide you and your staff with free six month digital Dwell subscriptions:

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