The Housing Chronicles Blog: L.A. Times story on reverse mortgages cited by The Week magazine

Friday, March 14, 2008

L.A. Times story on reverse mortgages cited by The Week magazine

I've been a big fan of The Week magazine (which summarizes national and int'l news in less than 45 pages each week) for about 3 years, and have bought gift subscriptions for friends and family members as a form of introduction. So I was pretty excited today to see that the article I recently wrote for the L.A. Times on reverse mortgages was cited in the current issue of The Week, along with other articles on the same subject in The New York Times and Kiplinger's Personal Finance.

I'm working on other articles as a freelancer for the L.A Times, and remain open to story pitches to run past the real estate section editor; in fact, it was due to an email from some real estate agents in Southern California that I'm now writing an article on California's Props. 60, 90 and 110, which allow homeowners to transfer their existing Prop. 13-protected tax rates to new purchases of the same or lesser value one time in their lives (available only to people 55 or older or those with severe disabilities).

The purpose of writing these articles is simple: provide a balanced overview of real estate-related issues in order to educate the L.A. Times' readership so they can make informed decisions or know where to call or write to find out more. While I am an "industry insider" and work as a consultant for homebuilders and certainly benefit from heightened awareness among clients and colleagues, for these articles I truly have no agenda other than education, and hope that I can provide a valuable service.

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