The Housing Chronicles Blog: CalTrans offers surplus property for affordable housing

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

CalTrans offers surplus property for affordable housing

Building affordable housing but can't find the land? Perhaps CalTrans can help. Yes, that same state department which closes multiple offramps with little warning is starting a program to offer some of its surplus property to developers of affordable housing. From today's Sacramento Business Journal:

It is now easier for developers to purchase surplus property from the California Department of Transportation if the property is used to develop affordable housing projects, Caltrans announced Tuesday.

Caltrans has been identifying and disposing of surplus properties acquired for transportation projects but no longer needed. It has teamed with the California Department of Housing and Community Development to facilitate the purchase of those projects by developers.

The joint effort "is a tremendous step towards expanding the availability of land, which is critical to increasing the supply of affordable housing in California. It's a great example of how we can make more progress through greater collaboration among our transportation and housing agencies," Dale Bonner, secretary of Business, Transportation and Housing, said in a prepared statement.

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