The Housing Chronicles Blog: California foreclosure listings abound

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

California foreclosure listings abound

According to some stats compiled by a reader from the website, more than half of all listings in California are the result of foreclosures. Of course there are many areas -- chiefly in the Inland Empire, the Antelope Valley and Sacramento area -- where this percentage is much higher (well over 70% in Fontana/Rialto, which experienced a huge run-up in prices during the boom).

Rialto 76.80%
Los Banos 75.90%
Fontana 72.90%
Pittsburg 72.40%
Sacramento 71.60%
San Bernardino 70.60%
Moreno Valley 69.60%
Colton 68.40%
Chula Vista 68.00%
Huntington Park 67.70%
Ontario 66.70%
Palmdale 65.60%
Compton 63.50%
Riverside 63.10%
Lawndale 63.00%
Highland 61.30%
Buena Park 60.50%
Corona 59.60%
Carson 59.00%
Lancaster 58.50%
Wilmington 58.50%
Pomona 58.30%
Downey 57.10%
Hemet 57.00%
Temecula 55.60%
Chino 55.10%
Santa Clarita 54.40%
Escondido 52.80%
San Jose 52.70%
West Covina 50.90%
San Diego 49.50%
Lakewood 47.70%
El Monte 47.60%
Upland 47.20%
Long Beach 46.90%
Valencia 46.70%
Redlands 45.60%
Orange 44.60%
Glendale 44.10%
Bakersfield 42.80%
Hawthorne 41.80%
Inglewood 41.00%
San Pedro 38.60%
Torrance 37.80%
Los Angeles 36.60%
Big Bear 33.70%
Rancho Bernardo 32.20%
Pasadena 32.00%
Huntington Beach 30.30%
Rancho Palos Ve rdes 28.60%
Redondo Beach 27.10%
Hermosa Beach 26.70%
Irvine 26.60%
San Francisco 25.10%
Manhattan Beach 22.80%
Rolling Hills 22.20%
Culver City 21.60%
El Segundo 16.00%
Newport Beach 12.00%
Marina Del Rey 10.80%
Playa Del Rey 9.00%
Oxnard 8.10%
Laguna Beach 5.60%
Simi Valley 4.50%
Goleta 3.30%
Malibu 2.50%
Santa Barbara 1.60%
Thousand Oaks 1.30%
Westchester 0.00%
OVERALL 53.40%

So how do other U.S. cities compare?

Las Vegas, NV 52.20%
Denver, CO 49.20%
Miami, FL 47.60%
Henderson, NV 45.10%
Phoenix, AZ 43.70%
Dallas, TX 25.20%
Houston, TX 23.80%
Salt Lake City, UT 23.60%
Seattle, WA 18.00%
Boise, ID 14.70%
Fort Walton Bea ch, FL 14.00%
San Antonio, TX 6.60%
Silverton, OR 2.40%
Beaverton, OR 2.10%
Happy Valley, O R 1.00%
Portland, OR 0.90%
Huntsville, AL 0.90%
Sherwood, OR 0.70%
West Linn, OR 0.70%
Wilsonville, OR 0.00%
Lake Oswego, OR 0.00%
OVERALL 36.70%


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