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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Want to call someone on their BS? Try Zillow.

In the early 1990s -- well before the days of Zillow -- I remember being at a house party overlooking San Diego Bay and someone remarking how much the house probably cost. I was so curious to find out the details, the next business day I ordered a report from a title company to find out now only what the buyer paid, but also the lot size, square footage and room count. Although I didn't go around blabbing the details, I always felt a bit guilty nosing around, so the appearance of on the scene has brought me great relief!

A regular visitor to Housing Chronicles sent me a link to this video today now making the rounds on the Internet, which envisions how fun it would be to call the BSers one invariably meets in life with large pillows at the point of the offense. The point? When someone you meet at a party tells you how much their house cost, you can look it up -- without having to call a title company! The video is below:

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