The Housing Chronicles Blog: Public builders report more losses, announce action plans

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Public builders report more losses, announce action plans

Fights with analysts! Poison pills! New promotions to sell homes! Yup, it's reporting season for the public builders, with an interesting wrap-up at

In a move that could become common among home building companies desperate to preserve tax write-offs for their operating losses, Hovnanian Enterprises has installed a poison pill provision that would dilute the company's stock in the event that an outside entity purchased 4.9 percent or more of the company's outstanding stock...

If the U.S. government's $7,500 tax credit is intended to lure would-be first-time home buyers off the proverbial fence, Pulte Homes has a plan that will all but yank them off of it. Beginning tomorrow, Aug. 5, the company is rolling out a new sales campaign that will allow first-time buyers to double their tax benefit...

Emotions ran high today during D.R. Horton's fiscal third quarter conference call, as CEO Don Tomnitz spoke passionately to analysts about his company's performance, his feelings on the recently passed housing legislation, and management's stubborn commitment to spec building.

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