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Thursday, January 7, 2010


Some of you may have noticed a new feed from, which replaced the old one from L.A. Land once that blog of the L.A. Times was absorbed into Money & Co. In addition to offering the most recent 5 posts from HousingStorm, I'll also be contributing to their site, started by Danville real estate agent (and technology wiz) Greg Fielding.

So what is HousingStorm all about? In essence, community plus honesty. But I'll let Greg tell you himself:

I wanted to share with you some thoughts about the variety of topics and opinions expressed on, and how we can embrace that variety to create a powerful and educational community atmosphere.

One of the great things about is that, not only do you have the ability to share your thoughts in your blog, you have the ability to directly engage the public and other members in healthy debate and discussion.

This is a community where ALL opinions are welcome…meaning, it is a virtual guarantee that another member or contributor will write content or express an opinion that you disagree with.

For example, someone might say that home prices are going down when you think they are going up. Someone might give mortgage advice that you think is irresponsible. Someone else could give remodeling, investing, or home-selling advice that is just flat-out wrong.

The beauty of this community is that you have the ability to respond and share your position. Then, someone else could respond to your thoughts and agree or disagree with you…and so on.

Through this process of healthy debate and discussion, the consumer gets an education and you get a chance to show your mettle.

This concept of having local professionals and members, directly engaging consumers and each other about today's critical real estate issues, is unique to As the community continues to grow, this engagement will give you a dynamic way to share your expertise with the public.

In the current economic climate, not all topics will be fun to discuss. Some debates will get heated. It is in these circumstances that the best of us can get involved and make a positive impact. The public desperately needs your perspective and expertise.

We have the amazing opportunities to engage a public in need of answers and set new standards for what it means to be an engaged, informed, and professional.

Let's make a difference!

Please visit regularly, and you can also find the feeds from their most recent postings here on The Housing Chronicles.

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