The Housing Chronicles Blog: Obama will likely have to expand housing plan

Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama will likely have to expand housing plan

Due to ongoing turmoil in the housing and credit markets, President-elect Obama's plans to fix the housing mess will probably need some serious expanding. From AP via MSNBC:

President-elect Barack Obama is inheriting the worst housing recession in a generation, and the proposals he outlined on the campaign trail won't fix it, so there will be many tough decisions ahead.

His plan includes a 10 percent mortgage tax credit for homeowners who don't itemize their taxes, and a change in the bankruptcy law to allow judges to modify mortgages for financially distressed homeowners...

But those proposals will have a minimal impact on the more than 4 million homeowners who are behind on their mortgages. They probably won't prop up home prices, which are down 18 percent from the peak. Nor will they bolster the confidence of consumers who have lost their jobs or are afraid they will. And Obama's plan won't make banks more willing to lend to consumers with less than perfect credit scores, or tiny down payments.

Reversing the real estate spiral will be an enormous feat.

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