The Housing Chronicles Blog: Royce Homes now history

Monday, September 29, 2008

Royce Homes now history

Houston, TX builder Royce Homes, once #44 on the Builder 100 list for 2007, has officially shut its door. From a story:

Houston builder Royce Homes, which acknowledged this summer that it was liquidating, has closed its doors, according to its Web site.

"After 24 enjoyable years, Royce Builders is no longer in business," the Web page announces.

It proved to be a fast unwinding for the large Texas builder, which closed as many as 1,280 homes in 2007, placing it 44th on the most recent BUILDER 100 list.


Hard Money Lenders Direct in California said...

I'm not surprised, it seem like it's a trend today to shut your office and business.

Anonymous said...

It would be crazy to see how many have shut doors today.