The Housing Chronicles Blog: Last Call to Register for the 2011 San Diego Economic Forecast Conference

Monday, September 12, 2011

Last Call to Register for the 2011 San Diego Economic Forecast Conference


Hear some of the state's most reputable forecasters as they deliver a new outlook for the U.S., California, and San Diego economies:

  • Is a 'double-dip' recession on the way in 2011 or 2012?
  • What's around the corner for consumer spending, home prices, and employment?
  • How will the slow down in the national economy affect San Diego's recovery?

Featured Forecasters

Christopher Thornberg

Founding Partner

Beacon Economics

Brad Kemp

Director of Regional Research

Beacon Economics

The Re-Regulation of Wall Street: Expert Panel

  • Battles over the regulation of Wall Street are heightening in Washington. What sort of regulations are being proposed? How will they affect the banking and financial industry?
  • Can proposed regulations really prevent a repeat of the abuses that occurred prior to the 2008/09 recession? Or do they miss the mark completely?
  • Will regulation help or hurt businesses ability to acquire new capital? Are there dangerous unintended consequences?

Featured Panelists

Brian Cartwright

Latham & Watkins

Former General Counsel

U.S. Securities and

Exchange Commission

Julie Johnson

North Highland

Former Senior Capital Markets Specialist


Robert D. McTeer

National Center for Policy Analysis

Former President

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Special discount available through MetroIntelligence, which produced the sections for the conference book on commercial and residential real estate: Use discount code metrosd to save $30 on registration.

Click here to register.

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