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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Telling my harrowing story about Egypt on local radio

When the protests in Egypt started to break out, I was actually on a tour of the Nile with my mother, who had joined me after we visited my older brother on a family visa to Saudi Arabia (since Saudi Arabia offers no tourist visas, I wasn't able to go with friends and no other immediate family members were interested in going).

By the end of the week, we were back in Giza, a suburb of Cairo, but instead of going on sight-seeing tours of the city, we were told to stay in the hotel. By Saturday, looters had surrounded the hotel and the army was called in to protect the area around the pyramids. It was then, via WiFi that was still working in the hotel, that I emailed the John & Ken Show in Los Angeles, since I thought it'd be a great story for their radio show. The story I told them was what it was like to be trapped in that hotel, our experience at the chaotic airport, and how we eventually got out of the country.

You can find the podcast of that radio show by clicking here (I believe it requires a PC and not a MAC):

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