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Thursday, February 4, 2010

New realities for Baby Boomers

Question: what happens when you're a Baby Boomer, your home equity evaporates and the value of your retirement savings plunges?

Answer: You work longer!

Such are the findings from a survey conducted by pollster Harris Interactive retirement community builder Del Webb/Pulte. From a story:

The study, which polled Boomers in two specific age groups--those turning 50 this year, and those turning 64--found that the average anticipated retirement age has been extended by about four years. Whereas a majority of 50-year-olds polled in 1996 said they planned to retire at 63, those turning 50 today said they expect to retire around age 67.

But what is retirement? The research also suggests that today's definition does not necessarily exclude professional pursuits. In the latest survey, 41% of 50-year-olds and 18% of 64-year-olds who are still working said they don't anticipate ever retiring. Boredom, self-satisfaction, and enjoyment were among the reasons cited for staying employed, but the No. 1 factor was financial stability.

Sobering as it may be, more Boomers are economically unstable now compared to a decade and a half ago. In 1996, roughly 11% of 50-year-olds reported they had not even begun saving for retirement; today that number is double. The study also found that nearly 40% of older Boomers who have already technically "retired" are continuing to work on some level...

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