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Thursday, February 11, 2010

February 2010 column for Builder & Developer magazine now online

My most recent column for Builder & Developer magazine is now online. For this particular column -- and in keeping with the magazine's theme highlighting exteriors -- I discussed the importance of architecture and quality exteriors in order to builders to compete against existing homes (and especially foreclosures).

An excerpt:

With steeply discounted foreclosures taking a huge bite out of the potential demand for new homes over the past couple of years, the nation’s home builders initially reacted with a combination of incentives and price cuts to stay competitive. Yet as the recession has worn on, the building industry has managed to find another trump card up its sleeve that will stay with us even as the economy rebounds: compelling architecture. Ranging from the practical and sustainable to the purely aesthetic, new home design is here to stay as a primary means for builders to stay competitive.

At the most recent Gold Nugget Awards in San Francisco, the one common element among the award-winning projects was not only offering attractive exteriors and an efficient use of space, but also incorporating designs into the scale and look of the surrounding area...

You can read that column here.

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