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Monday, September 21, 2009

Housing Chronicles post cited in Carnival of Real Estate

The Housing Chronicles Blog has again been cited by The Carnival of Real Estate, which is a weekly selection of blog posts related to real estate markets, marketing and investing.

This week the Carnival is hosted by The Real Estate Dispatch, which is the blog associated with the real estate social networking site.

For this entry, given the current battle in reforming health care (and the pros and cons of having the private market police itself), I focused on the role of government in providing other important services, namely affordable housing. Whether through Section 8, other HUD programs or tax credits (which have been disappearing due to the lack of profits by investors against which to claim these credits), this is an issue which continues to grow, especially here in California. Whereas builders over-built McMansions in the exurbs of the Central Valley, desert areas and the Inland Empire, we remain severely under-built when it comes to affordable rental housing.

You can read that post here.

Thank you to Joshua Dorkin and The Real Estate Dispatch blog for the recognition!

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