The Housing Chronicles Blog: Next BlogTalkRadio interview with author Anthony Downs

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Next BlogTalkRadio interview with author Anthony Downs

This Thursday, May 21st at 12 noon, I'll be interviewing Anthony Downs, author of the book "Real Estate and the Financial Crisis: How Turmoil in the Capital Markets is Restructuring Real Estate Finance," which I'll soon be reviewing for Inman News.

This is the 27th book for Downs, a PhD-educated economist with the Brookings Institution, who has also written "Niagara of Capital: How Global Capital Has Transformed Housing and Real Estate Markets," "Still Stuck in Traffic," and "Growth Management and Affordable Housing: Do They Conflict?" Earlier in his career, he also wrote "An Economic Theory of Democracy" and "Inside Bureaucracy."

Downs, also a well-known speaker, has consulted with the nation's largest corporations, developers and government agencies, so I'm looking forward to an interesting interview.

Want to listen to the interview on Thursday? Click here, although if you miss it I will post it as a podcast and link to this blog.

Want to buy his book? Click here to order from the Housing Chronicles bookstore at as well as his previous books and those of other authors I've interviewed.

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Brandon said...

How'd the interview go?