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Friday, November 20, 2009

November column for "Builder & Developer" magazine now online

My column for the November issue of Builder & Developer magazine -- celebrating the 20th anniversary of the title -- is now online. In this issue, I wanted to explore how the future of how we use cars will impact new developments of all types. An excerpt:

Ask any architect of a high-density development what the biggest challenge is to make the overall design work, and he (or she) will probably answer “parking.” Whether we’re talking about condominiums, apartments or a project which mixes residential with retail and office uses, poorly designed parking can doom an entire project.

What’s more, given the rise of transit-oriented developments in other infill projects in multiple cities throughout the U.S., introducing new ways to address the parking conundrum is becoming one of the most important issues in the Green building movement...
Fortunately, there are three major trends that will vastly improve not only how developers address parking, but can also increase building densities – and therefore potential revenues...

There are also a number of other columns for this special issue of the magazine, discussing a variety of green issues as well as looking back on the last 20 years. For a table of contents on these articles, click here.

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