The Housing Chronicles Blog: Florida condo project tries out 'clothing optional' pool to sell homes

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Florida condo project tries out 'clothing optional' pool to sell homes

According to a story at (hat tip to the Drudge Report), the owner of an apartment-to-condo conversion project in Florida has come up with the ultimate incentive: a clothing-optional pool. After all, why ask for paid closings costs, free upgrades or interest rate buy-downs when you can get to know your new neighbors really, really well? From the story:

Swimmers will have the option of wearing nothing at all at the Arbors at Branch Creek, a complex of 390 homes that landed on the idea to help move units in a down market.

One pool is being set aside for nude swimmers, sunbathers and hot tubbers, said Christine Pirkle, director of sales with the Web site for the project's developers.

It will be several months before the nudity rules are put in place, Pirkle said. Landscaping is needed to keep out prying eyes, for one thing, plus condo owners must approve. But there are few owners among all the developers hold a number of units...

Eden came up with a new strategy, "to set us apart from the thousands of other condos out there," she said. "We have two fabulous swimming pools here. We are taking one of them, building cabanas and lush landscapes and completely privatizing it and it will be clothing optional."...

Some residents of the complex were unaware of the plans.

"I think that's something they should probably … let us know," said Justin Gralnick.

Resident Leslie Hill agreed.

"Every morning this is where the school bus picks up 10 or 15 kids," she said. "They are going to have a European style, clothing optional pool. No, that's not appropriate for the family lifestyle that lives here."

Hill will be moving.

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