The Housing Chronicles Blog: A new problem: too few homebuilding workers?

Friday, September 7, 2012

A new problem: too few homebuilding workers?

Now that the housing market rebound finally seems to be gaining strength, it seems that there's a shortage of field workers needed to build those homes.  From a CNBC article:

Many former construction workers moved on to facilities maintenance work or remodeling, or whatever jobs they could find. Replacing them is difficult because today's market demands highly skilled workers, and there is simply no available base. In the past, builders would hire workers and train them on the job. 

"They don't have the luxury of that now," says John Courson, CEO of the Home Builders Institute, an industry training group. "They want workers that are available to them, that come out trained with a skill, and ready to hit the ground working. They don't want the expense of on the job training."

Home construction technology has changed dramatically just in the past decade, as builders must adhere to green building standards...

The shortage is across the spectrum, but especially in need are framers, concrete workers, plumbers, roofers and painters. The shortage is also felt most in areas where housing is coming back strongest, and permitting is easiest, like Texas and much of the West.

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