The Housing Chronicles Blog: A rebound for apartment builders?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A rebound for apartment builders?

After a couple of years in the doldrums, it looks like apartment builders are finally gearing up again for an anticipated leap in demand to occur once the economy rebounds and potential renters now doubling up with roommates (or living with their parents after boomeranging home after college) strike out on their own. From a Wall Street Journal story:

This year, real-estate investment trusts, or REITs, are expected to start close to $1 billion in new multifamily projects, according to real-estate research firm Green Street Advisors. While that still is less than average, it is a significant increase over the $100 million of development starts in 2009.

Analysts caution that the increase in construction doesn't mean there has been an improvement in the business. Apartment vacancy is at a record and unemployment, essential to the sector's health, remains elevated.

But operators are betting that limited new supply, combined with an improving economy, will lead to ideal market conditions nationwide starting in 2011 or 2012...

To be sure, there are risks. Given the multiyear construction window, companies have to start now to be ready in time. If the economy weakens further and recovery is delayed, landlords may be forced to keep rents low or offer free rent to get leases signed...

Landlords also are excited about demand. The 20-to-34 age group, prime renting age, is expected to increase by five million in the next decade, according to Hessam Nadji, managing director of Marcus & Millichap, a real-state-investment brokerage firm. People who moved home or who bunked with roommates during the downturn also might ink leases as the economy improves.

Moreover, construction costs "have fallen rapidly in the last two years," said Tom Toomey, chief executive of apartment owner UDR Inc. A unit that would have cost $300,000 to build two years ago could now be built for as little as $220,000, Mr. Toomey said...

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