The Housing Chronicles Blog: The Economist presents "The World in 2010"

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Economist presents "The World in 2010"

Each year, The Economist magazine publishes "The World in" annual book of predictions, and the 2010 version is now available online.

From the editor's intro:

The good news about 2010 is that the world will emerge from recession and the post-crisis economic landscape will become clearer. Less cheerful is what that landscape will look like.

The rich world, burdened by debt and high unemployment, faces a long, hard slog. Governments will confront difficult decisions on how fast to start withdrawing the huge support they provided to keep the financial system going. Voters will vent their anger when given the chance at the polls—kicking out Labour in Britain in May and perhaps even depriving Barack Obama of a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives in America’s mid-term elections in November. Businesses will hardly feel much better, but they can at least begin to focus on strategies for future growth, rather than tactics for short-term survival...

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