The Housing Chronicles Blog: The late, great Los Angeles Times?

Monday, July 14, 2008

The late, great Los Angeles Times?

Although this isn't a housing-related post, since I've been recently writing a few freelance stories for the L.A. Times, the news of publisher David Hiller's departure today is certainly noteworthy, especially on the heels of the departure of a Chicago Tribune editor. From an AP story:

The Los Angeles Times says publisher David Hiller has resigned after 21 months at the helm of Tribune Co.'s largest paper.

The news comes the same day Chicago Tribune editor Ann Marie Lipinski resigned from Tribune's flagship paper, continuing a string of executive defections amid a broad cost-cutting effort at the company's papers nationwide.

Hiller was the third publisher to lead the Times since Tribune Co. bought the paper in 2000. Predecessor Jeffrey Johnson was ousted in late 2006 when he balked at trimming newsroom staff to cut costs.

The Times said two weeks ago it will cut 250 positions, including 150 in the newsroom. The paper did not immediately name a successor.

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